10 PR Tips On How To Create A Strategic PR plan As A Brand

public-relations Many artists,organizations and entrepreneurs think that producing great works,having a website and participating in Social Media is all they have to do to have the world knocking on their door for more. Sadly this probably isn’t an effective business model. You need to get the message out about you and your art and Public Relations is just the tool to do that. PR is the discipline that looks after reputation,with the aim of earning support and influencing opinion behavior. It involves analyzing trends,predicting their consequences,counseling leadership and implementing plans of action which will serve both individual and public interests.PR goes hand in hand with communication. prRichard Brandon says “A  good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page Ad.” PR can maximize shrinking advertising budgets in hard economic times such as these. Advertising is saying you’re good,PR is getting other people to say you’re good. It creates a voluntary army of marketers.People often don’t by goods and services,they buy relations,stories and magic because ultimately, a brand is a perception. Why else do you think most people call all paracetamols Panadol? In today’s competitive world people,artists and organizations  need to know how to package themselves in order to stand out. The most successful  have a team of people who work to handle their communications .You may not have the resources to manage a team but you can handle your own PR by building your Brand and having a good Strategic plan with a reasonable business model. International artist Jay Z got rejected by labels back then so he had to build himself to where he’s at today. Def Jam was formed in a college dormitory by Rick Rubin the master producer and look where it’s at today. Coming closer home See how the likes of Sauti Sol and Elani have been going about their business.Don’t be afraid to start small as long as you don’t stay small.So how do you develop a good Branding plan?

1.Set objectives of what you want to achieve.

2.Define your audience and the best avenues to reach them on.

3.Now that you have an audience,you need to set a message which you as a brand will be promoting.

4.You need to make a strategy of how you are going to meet the objectives you set,how to engage your audience and get your message across.

5.Develop tactics to implement your strategy.

6.Define a timescale or timeline to work with clear guidelines.

7. Resources.What resources do you have to help you accomplish what you want.You are allowed to be resourceful and improvise if you don’t have enough resources.

8.Evaluate your tactics and determine their effectiveness.

9.Review your position and if you’ve met any of the objectives you had set.

10.Constantly do an analysis of everything and adjust accordingly.

Once you follow those easy steps you can easily monetize your brand.

mike thumb.

Credits | Michael Owora a young man led by Christ on a mission to make every life he touches better through sharing the Gospel.He puts the PR in ‘Professional’ at Corporate Reflections. Interests are Fitness Training and Triathlons. Follow him on Twitter


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