Tick Tock


Life isn’t what we think
Many theories have been passed about life of which most of them if not all are related to time; also not forgetting that every second that passes brings us closer to our death. But that isn’t the mentality to have when trying to accomplish the most in life now is it? What if we looked at life from a different perspective? What if it’s the one that tries to make the best out of us but some of us just deny it concluding to the opposite? What if life is the one that’s alive and WE are just bystanders, onlookers rather spectators of its marvel (or demise)?
Okay enough with the musing questions their intention was just to open your mind to the general idea of this article. It’s come to my realization that maybe life isn’t as vile as most unsuccessful people tend to argue but actually it’s what you want it to be. What am I driving at exactly? Maybe our ‘alive’ Life is in the dark about our potential, to be more precise, your life is unaware of what you’re capable of. You can have the head start to a successful life ,if you wish, and beat it to its game but as soon as you let your guard down and submit to life’s pessimistic misconceptions it gains the upper hand and controls you instead of the vice versa. So in my opinion, Life isn’t as daunting as perceived you just have to utilize your potential to the fullest and definitely show it you’re in control.
But this doesn’t stop the fact that every second, minute, hour, and day that goes by draws us nearer to our untimely death. What’s more, truth be told, if you looked back and deeply reflected on the time you’ve wasted today (from the lazy walks to and from wherever you’re going and coming from to the passive glances and swipes on your smartphone ignoring the fact that you have no bundles or your battery life is low and there’s nothing productive you are doing,) you’ll waste even more time regretting your time wastage. This brings me back to my earlier point- making the best of your time by utilizing your potential. Anytime you’re free (constantly checking the time on your phone submissively for no apparent reason counts as free time), try and do something constructive. You can even note down the constructive deed if you’re not in a position to do it-that’s also constructive. Do ponder about life and the limited time we have. I don’t know about life but time waits for no king; think it’ll wait for you?

Guest post | David Ndiba is a young Kenyan who just finished high sch and has been writing for 4 months now. He likes basketball and speaks French


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