Poem Of The Sea


I hold my pen careful like a sniper,
Firing a scroll to take your guards down,
Let them fall slow,
One shot is all I need to take you out,
Been waiting all week though,
For you to hint a yes,
Or utter a weak no,
I remember a while ago,
My schedule used to be flexible as you are,
Lately I’ve been too involved with cameras,
When I’m not too busy I’d like to see you off set,
Maybe we could set off in the dark,
And talk about this flash,a spark and a blast we could offset,
While I maybe focused on the details of the art of which I paint myself bare ,
Sometimes I’ll have to lay back and look at the big picture,
Capture the action,
Catch up and make moments of my pivotal years that others only wish they could caption,
If you only had an hour to be with me,
Would you spend that hour saying that an hour isn’t enough?
We’re either too close to our image to stay objective in our perception,
Or too far away to be subjective in any matter,
Love can be intimidating,
A little scary when it comes to intimate dating,
Couple calls couple texts, couple fights,
A couple “I think we should spend a night”s
Why we acting like couple that can’t get it right?
I’m far from every Tom who’s dick is in a hurry for your cherry,
I’m the kind that cherish it,
I found Chivalry
This is such a long shot but I’ve got the long zoom,
Took a minute I’ve been looking in the wrong tomb,

Youre more than a drop in the ocean,you’re the whole ocean in one drop


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