My Not So Humble Opinions In Snippets


Ms Martha Wangai Karua,the no-nonsense former legislator for Gichugu Constituency is a now a political stoogeHer appearance during the Okoa Kenya Referendum Launch was toadyish.It seemed to be like a well-calculated political coquetry .

She no longer appeals to the electorate.Her brand of politics is benumbed. The career Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a 2013 Kenyan Presidential Election Candidate needs to rebrand as a politician if the citizenry is to take her current antics seriously. Her return to participatory politics is a façade.

A hapless attempt at revitalization of her seemingly diminished political life.She has fallaciously dined with the ‘political enemy’ as the inhabitants of the House Of Mumbi would put it.

If she is serious about rejuvenating politically,she should embrace panache politics.If there is any potent female political figure this nation deserves,it is one Martha Wangari Karua.She will only manouevre back to her aura if she gets rid of her austerity and frigid personality.Her orthodoxness is a poor political strategy.


Urbane Kalenjin ladies are awe-inspiring.Classical examples include : a.Susan Kimachia Kiprono;the melodiously voiced KISS FM/Classic 105 News Presenter whose polished,deep soprano leaves you awestruck. b.Chero Oywa ;STR8 UP Live Host who is a trained medical doctor and a television producer. The list is lengthy.It could go on and on.

They have the pertinacity to barrack and invigorate lives.


Today,my social riffle is aimed at puffed-up name-droppers.These are social misfits whose self-esteem is bruised.They are attention seekers who live a borrowed life.They will tell everyone they have been on phone with prominent people.

They will want to be seen to be associated with the highflyers in society.They will gasconade about having senior politicians’ contacts.They will have their speeches and conversations full of jactitations about how they had breakfast with the First Lady.

They will rub it on your face how they met Prince Charles when he came for a fundraiser at their local church.They will barefacedly vaunt how they planted 2 billion trees on World Aids Day.They will choke you with obvious prevarications and nude lies.

Their attention seeking is whorish and piteous.What they seem to forget is that there are people who do much bigger things and have deeper connections socially in the high society,but they meekly choose not to bluster to everyone else about it.

On their social media time lines ,they will tag every ‘big’ name they can think of on their “intelligent” status updates(which lack merit). Name-dropping is a sorry way to cruise through life.Work your way up and be that legend/celebrity whom people will be want to name-drop


Social Media is abuzz with opinions,reviews and two-cents on Sauti Sol’s new jam,Nerea ,that touches on matters abortion.It is their second production in two years to effuse vociferations and mixed reactions from the blogosphere,social media platforms and the mainstream media,after their vellicating “Nishike” video was released early last year.


Guest post by Evans Wambugu ,a BAKE DeKUT Chapter member,consummate litterateur and a Final Year Undergraduate Student.

Read more of his work on his blog


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