Off the Record with DJ Mwah!


Creative Connekt: Tell us a little about yourself.

DJ Mwah: My government names are Haron Mwaniki. I have a recording studio, a’Domo Records where I produce artists as well as my own music. I also have a CBO.

CC:What type of music do you do?

DJ Mwah: Gospel Gipuka. Its is a combination of Genge and Kapuka.I have a single out already called ‘Gospel Imedie?’ which addresses how the word of God has been packaged into profitable business nowadays.

CC: Where can guys get your Music?

DJ Mwah: and my video ‘Gospel Imedie?’ is also available on YouTube.

CC: Tell us about your organization and what you do?

DJ Mwah: My CBO is called Cross Connect and we are involved in community development activities using our ‘Badilisha Mentality’ campaign.

CC: Do you consider yourself as a leader or an entrepreneur?

DJ Mwah: aDomo Records is my business venture and having founded Cross Connect and sold the idea to couple young guys who now believe in it and are helping me with it, I’d say I’m both. I also have a beauty shop at Nyeri Town called Elegance.

Mwah of all trades!

Mwah of all trades!

CC: What inspires you to be involved in community development?

DJ Mwah: I faced a lot of challenges while growing up. The challenges weren’t really unique to me and are what every young person is going through. We may have different contexts but they are the same. Losing my mum in 2013 was the game changer for me and made be make that extra step to start doing community projects.

CC: Do you consider your project innovative and is there a possibility for expansion?

DJ Mwah: We combine community development with the artists I have at a’Domo, where we go around high schools raising awareness about issues affecting the young people using our music and how to address them. I plan to restructure my studio soon to a more professional venture complete with artist management contracts and all that jazz.

CC: Have your projects brought about positive change in the community?

DJ Mwah: Through Cross Connect, we have been able to reach and impact more than 1000 students so far. At a’Domo we have also provided opportunity for young guys to come off the street and explore their musical talent. One such artist we have is Solo P.

CC: What message would you like to send to other young guys out there?

DJ Mwah: Keep it real in your music and stay sober.

 Watch DJ Mwah’s Video Below


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