Photography Externship 102


Models Carol and Cathy freshening up before the shoot

Have you ever wondered how a commercial photo shoot is done? Well I had the privilege of taking part in one, on a certain sunny Sunday afternoon, call it the 15th of March 2015 at the Kiganjo Railway station. This shoot was very similar to what comes to mind when you mention the word photo shoot to anyone and to most of us who are Hollywood movies fans. The imagery of style, fashion and glamour just pops up in mind.

The team consisted of six; Photographers Jared and Ambani, Externship Coordinator Kairu, identical twins (Read models); Cathy and Carol and I.

Jared arrived early to check out the location of the shoot and identify suitable spots. The first step was setting up of camera and its accessories. As Jared leaned over to open his prized bag I took a closer look to the equipment he chucked out. The camera was first followed by a Speed-light, lenses and a set of batteries. Beside the bag lay a wrapped object that I couldn’t identify. Just as I was about to ask what was in there Ambani unwrapped it, flipped it open and out came an uncommon “umbrella”. This action immediately fascinated me and I ran my fingers through it to get its feel. I later learnt that the umbrella shaped object is called a photographic soft box and it’s a type of photographic lighting device.

The soft box comprises of a translucent cloth attached to a light source (in this case the speed light was used) on a light stand. Its exterior was black in colour and the interior white. Soft boxes are used to create even and diffused light by bouncing light off a second surface to diffuse the light. The end effect is that natural light conditions are created hence reducing harsh shadows.

The actual shooting began and I was wowed by the first twin (who I can’t name because I couldn’t figure out who it was between Carol and Cathy ) her apparel spoke of style. This reminds me of my favourite fashion blogger Joy Kendi and her amazing outfits.

3 UP 102


“Perfect…Give me more …”


… Give me attitude…..Niice”

3 UP 102 2 copy

Those are the sounds that one generally hears during the shoot; that of the camera and the photographer urging the model to strike or maintain a pose. You see, a commercial photo-shoot is all about getting the models to pose right, getting their expressions and attitude right so as to get quality images. After a series of shots, the models changed their attire and at that point even the photographers were unable to tell the twins apart.

Several shots on different spots were taken. By this time dusk was slowly approaching and the shoot coming to a halt. We were rewarded by a breath-taking view of the sun setting over the Aberdare Ranges and that concluded the awesome experience that served as an exposure to commercial photography plus I got an answer to the life long riddle as to why the chicken crossed the road.



Guest post by By Wanjiku Githu

Wanjiku Githu is a student at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology studying Bachelor of Science in Geomatic and Geospatial Information Systems.

Photography by Kairu Kuguru,Ambani Munyata and Jared G Maina


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