Photography Externship 101

behind the scenes copy

Behind The Scenes at Kiganjo Railway Station during the 1st Photography 101 session with Externs and Mentor on 7th March 2015. Photos by Kairu Kuguru


What comes to your mind when you here the word ‘shot’? Some strong Russian concoction people throw down their throats? Firing a rifle? To a photographer, it is that moment when everything in your frame is where you want it and can’t wait to click away. For me, it means an opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted. That is what we provide in the externship project. We give the externs the opportunity to engage their mentors, the mentors then empower them and the net result is that we are able to educate and entertain at the same time. When it presents itself, this shot is like photo, you’ve got to take it. One can draw a lot of inspiration by looking at life as a camera. Focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and sometimes if things don’t work out , take another shot. According to Ambani one of our photographers and mentors photography is the art of painting using light. The quality of photo largely depends on the amount of light falling on your subject. These are just some of the things he taught us about the camera when we went for our first photography externship program dubbed ‘Photography 101’.

externs 101 copy

The goofs and out-of-focus shots while the externs had a go at using the camera.


Amidst the heavy photography vocabulary he used one could tell the passion he has about what he does and how willing he was to pass some of that knowledge and expertise to the externs who I were also eager to learn about the trade. After going through the dials and buttons of his DSLR, it was now time for the externs to take it out for a spin. There were a few out of focus photos, a few goofs that were part of the learning process and experience. We spent the whole afternoon on site (Kiganjo Railway Station) shooting at everything like a uniformed officer in Somalia caught in crossfire. Ambani also taught us how to play with the background and how to make everything in the frame work for you to help get better pictures. In photography we say a picture is worth 1000 word hence it would be ironical to take lots pictures then proceed to write 1001 words.Enjoy the picture story.

Untitled-3 copy

Quality shots by the Mentor Ambani Munyata. See the difference?

Photography Courtesy of Patrick Ambani Munyata Photography

Models/Externs : (From left )Esther Mukiri,Trica Wanjiku and Lydia Ireri


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