7 Shades Of Love Blogathon Challenge

Bloggers Association of Kenya,Dedan Kimathi University Chapter (Bake Dekut) is a community of bloggers from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology that was launched on 31st Jan 2015 by Bake. The Chapter is relatively new and seeks to promote quality online content creation through organizing Blogathons where members of the online community can help each other grow.The Blogathons are thematic monthly challenges Bake Dekut organizes to help increase the online content creation, digital story telling skills,creative writing and discussions on various issues affecting the youth and society in general. It involves online forums like Twitter chats (Micro-Blogging) and Blog posts. Last month we held our 1st Blogathon and the theme was “African liberation efforts through the eyes of technology.” We partnered with Zawadi society and County Media Ltd and the winners of the challenge got a chance to publish their work on a local paper called The County Voice which circulates within Mt Kenya Region.


The Blogathon shall be conducted as follows. From March 21st to 27th 2015 we shall be talking about the different aspects of love. Everyday will have a color code and meaning that will form the basis of a Twitter chat in the evening.Participants will receive an email every day during that period with the details of that day’s color and meaning.By the end they will be expected to write a blog, be it a poem or and article about their thoughts,opinions or experience on love and whichever color code they can relate with or combine them.

The daily Twitter chat will have a #RainbowLove

How to Enter.

  1. Register by sending an email with your Name, email address and blog address to bakedekut@gmail.com.
  2. In the email,attach your entry piece (poem/prose). Also include images relevant to your entry piece.
  3. You will receive confirmation, and the link to your uploaded post.
  4. Share the link within your social networks and participate in the Twitter chat using #RainbowLove
  5. The post and person with the most shares and outreach respectively wins a chance to get their work published in The County Voice. and countymedia.co.ke

Colour Codes

Red: Passion, fire, security, a sense of belonging, safety

Orange: creativity, passion, addictive relationships/love eroticism

Yellow: Losing power within a relationship, finding our power, abusive relationships, hope

Green: Self Love, heartbreak, losing Love, finding Love, Loving ourselves, new love

Blue: Feeling blue, finding our voice, expressing our Love

Indigo: Opening our eyes, finding out who we are in a relationship, self realisation, fantasy love

Violet: True Love, Unconditional Love, realization, Love encompasses all


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