6 PM In Meru

Going to Meru University games over the weekend made me look at life in retrospect through Softball as a game.Its at that time it hit me that life is what happens while you’re trying to figure it out.

soft ball
This isn’t a Griot type poem,
But a mere portion of a semi-important life,
Far from a complaint,
But a mere look at the present,
Showing you the changes that I made,
The proverbial lemonade that I made,
I made my mistakes,
You see life’s lemons often come in  abundance,
In conjunction with the pressure that we’re under,
Underrated some would say,
And some say it’s the things I say or how I say them,
And I admit,
In this race I tend to struggle to relate through expressions,
Thank God for the free thinkers,
For you keep me in this state of mind that I’m in,
For you keep me in the race with the baton that y’all give,
They say I’m running my life but I’d rather unify with y’all then stampede,
Continue to inspire the fire that is my re-dedication to greatness,
Unforgettable gestures,
Unmeasurable effort,
To pleasure the masses with impeccable work ethic,
So this is dedicated to the ones that I adore,
Walking round wondering what I do it for,
I’ve always been the type to leave it all on the floor,
And my heart can show a surgeon what he’d never seen before,
You wouldn’t understand my heart, I’m just trying to translate,
I could never balance life and love, it wasn’t clear,
But I’m not trying to make up,
It’s history that I’m making,
I wonder where I’d be if I didn’t get on that stage,
That I took over at such a young age,
I wonder if my old friends are proud to say “I knew him”,
Trying to bring pride to the town that I grew in
So Imma stay up for extra practice past curfew,
Leave the field with better skills and dirty shoes,
Lately I feel the haters eating at my confidence,
They scream out my failures and whisper my accomplishments,
But still my blogs will hit the net like a bad pitch in soft ball,
I never threw away that paper with my speech,
cuz I haven’t hit the pinnacles I plan to reach.


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