A hacker to most people is the guy who tries to break into computer systems. A hacker is basically a “clever programmer”,  someone who is enjoy learning details of a programming language.The term “Hacker ” is controversial and could mean either someone who compromises computer security or a skilled developer. There are two groups of hackers. Black and White Hat hackers. Black Hat Hackers or “Black Hats ” can be referred to as the ‘Bad Guys’ .They circumvent computer security with malicious intent. They take the advantage of the break-in and perhaps destroying the files and stealing the data for some future purpose . They make the exploit known to the public without even notifying the victim . And thus the public is able to take the opportunity of the exploit before the organisation is able to secure it .As much as they claim to stress about the greater good,all the illegal activities they do are for their personal gain . An example is the Anonymous group of hackers who infiltrate government systems like they recently attacked the Govt’s security systems and accounts on Twitter. We ought to have foreseen this type  of vulnerability but everyone was so into the digital transformation by the government to think about that. Some would argue that the action was borderline terrorist.
One the other hand,a White hat hacker is usually employed by an organization who trusts him or her to maintain and also attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems, using the same methods as a hacker , for the purpose of finding and fixing computer  security vulnerabilities. At Nyeri Civic Hack software geeks and comp gurus are going to do a 48hr marathon competition,that’s right,its gonna be insomnia galore as they try to see who can find the best software solutions for the county government for a cool Ksh50,000. Whether in the form of tarantula type website (pun intended) or an android app. *Hint* Should your project win you could be employed to maintain it.
Its all happening from the 31st Oct to 2nd Nov 2014 at Dedan Kimathi University in Nyeri. The only code I can write is Barney Stinson’s Bro Code so imagine the event is gonna be the ultimate Sheldon show down . Register at nyericivichack.or.ke .
The participants will have to work be in groups of 5 so come with your team.

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