I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who finds the sentence “If you want to hide something from a Kenyan put it in a book.” So me and other ‘offended’ bloggers from BAKE DeKUT teamed up with Azali Kenya to visit the Kids at Nyeri KNLS to promote and inculcate a reading culture into the children.


Its not all the time we eat a collage of maize and beans and whatever else my mother tries to add to it to get me to eat more than 3 spoons,sometimes its Rice,sometimes when I’m convinced that she must have had a good day it’s chapatis. What has that got to do with anything? Well, sometimes we don’t always read to pass an exam or,we could read for fun,to acquire knowledge, to increase repertoire of vocabulary,to improve communication and be very good story tellers
or as how one of the kiddos put it,” To write good compositions”. Seriously, I’ve never met a boring person who reads books.


Wanjiku of Azali Kenya is magic with the kids

So on Saturday we,dressed in our best nanny aprons,took part in what is called the reading hut.

We took the children through how to solve sudoku(for kids, not the kind that wins you a Debonair’s pizza) and cross words


Cross words with Juma of BAKE DeKUT

and finally a story book reading session. Azali Kenya’s interaction with the children and youth of this country has affirmed our belief in the infinite creativity, will-power, and capacity to be a formidable force of positive influence and change in diverse spheres of development in our country and beyond.


This reading hut takes place every Saturday where we dedicate 1 hr  and we welcome you to join us as we help mould young brains. For more info check out www.azalikenya.org
Photography by Sam Kairu


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