Following a successful training  in Nyeri by BAKE at the Batian Grand Hotel on 26th June this year,students of Dedan Kimathi having realized the opportunities blogging could offer,sat down with the directors to discuss how they would work open a BAKE Chapter in the university to promote online content generation among the students. After a series of meetings between the students,the Chapter was registered and recognized by the school administration and has since expressed their joy and willingness to work with the club officials to  impact on students positively .

We are currently working on a partnership with other clubs in the school such as Google Ambassador Program and the Computer Society of Kimathi. Also in the offing is The Young Business Kenya Externship program where students explore careers by shadowing professionals at their places of work. These professionals mentor the students to be experts in various fields. This has been made possible through the the collaboration between Young business Kenya , Zawadi Society,BAKE DeKUT and Elite Professional center which is owned by young entrepreneurs from the university. We aim to help young adults empower and discover themselves, and use their talents to add an extra coin to their pockets, besides helb of course.

BAKE is set to officially launch the Chapter sometime early October which will involve conducting training sessions. This will be the second university to have a BAKE Chapter after the Daystar launch early this year.


Members of BAKE DeKUT

Some members of BAKE DeKUT


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