Remember the embers were hot,
Temperature high,
Tempest was strong,
You attempted to fight,
Temptation won,
I know the feeling you’re longing for,
Packing your belongings,
To find where you belong in,
The wrongs you stay strong for,
The feeling of alienation,
Long for an escape from solitude,
Soul is bruised,soliciting consolation from sorry dudes,
Only to,
Give a shoulder,
So long as they get to be part of your story too,
So you soilder on,
You’re like both Sidney Sheldon writing a book ,
And Celine Dion writing a hook,
About righting her wrongs,
And everyone is just writing along,
But it feels like you’re fighting alone,
Bleeding from a wound that didn’t clot,
Elastoplast can barely erase the past,
And bury these deep thoughts,
You’re prepared to lose sleep,
Write and watch ink blot on loose leafs
The mind’s a beautiful thing
Amusing how I’m using it.
Poetic solution to issues,
An algo-rhythm,
The symphony, the harmony,
But how do girls who sing for me end up harming me?
How can I love the sin,but not keep the sense,
love the offence,when often I’m the one offended?
We live in a world that wants us to say,
What we feel today,
With the provisions that we shall contradict it all tomorrow,
When all is said and done,
More is always said than done


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