This is the blog everyone is talking about,if you haven’t heard about us we strongly suggest you change your friends,and if you haven’t mentioned this blog to your friends we will assume you don’t have any.We say the dumb things that your lecturers are too learned to tell you,the smart stuff your friends pretend to know about and teach your friends how to be better at pretending to know stuff. We won’t make your life in campus less difficult, we believe your student organization is already doing such a good job not doing anything about you guys and we know how much they hate competition.We all give you the mother of all gossip (pun intended),the type of dirt that makes your favorite detergent look bad,as prepared by the Tarantula team behind this blog

Disclaimer: This website is only responsible for what is posted not how you understand or interpret what you read,we are not accountable fFunny-and-Creative-Wallpaper-11-300x224or your IQ,or lack thereof We are dedicated to bringing you up to date with the goings on and the goings wrong in an accurate manner with a little salt and pepper to taste,so to keep us in business,make sure to get yourself in controversial situations and we give you the popularity you so very require.


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